Music Bee Music Music Blossom

A new Music Platform has been born

Musicians are hard-working bees, and the music they make is honey, and the listener’s heart and actual support are nutrients;
“Music Bee” is a safe and large-scale bee farm; the
real estate world has “selling flats”, “music The world of bees is “selling music flowers”; in
addition to selling music flowers, what is more important is selling dreams and opportunities.

For Musicians

Musicians are Hardworking bees, and the music they make is honey

Hardworking Music Bee

Musicians Publish Your Music Plan


Grow Music Honey

Raise Music fans to get Production Funds

Honey Rebate

Nourishes fans with return salute

Music Bee is a platform for finding creators of music-related projects. Supporters can not only enjoy the entertainment brought by musicians, but also participate in their favorite music programs. Your sponsorship and support can not only turn into a force for creators, achieve different dreams, but also get a more direct relationship with musicians and special returns, and change the music ecology in the long run.

For Listeners

The heart and practical support of the audience is the nutrient

Waiting for your Cultivation

Pick Your favorite Music Plan



Supported Irrigation

Support with Sponsorship

Blooming Abundant Flowers

At the same time get the precious return

Fundraising Music Plan